About WRC

The Winnipeg Rowing Club is home to one of the most prolific and honorable rowing clubs in Canada. It is the second oldest rowing club in Western Canada, sporting a long and proud history of its red, blue and white logo.

Today, the WRC is a non-profit organization, with a rich and successful sporting history, and fostering generations of camaraderie and friendships. Members range from 13 to 85, and the club offers programs for all skill levels.

WRC is a member of Manitoba Rowing Association (MRA) and Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA).

The club is located on the Red River, just south of the Forks in downtown Winnipeg where the wide banks of the Red allow rowing without the interruption of bridges for many miles. It is an excellent full-body sport that maximizes athletic efficiency, while the non-impact nature makes it excellent for people who want to keep fit without jarring motion. Members range in age from 13 to 85, and there are programs in place from beginner right up to elite competitive.

Rowing season begins as soon as it is safe to get on the water, usually in early May. With water temperature still quite cold, rowing in sight of a coach boat is mandatory at the start of the season. After that, ‘buddy rowing’ is in effect, until individual rowing is permitted. Each rower is required to carry an inflatable Personal Flotation Device (PFD) with them in the boat at all times.

There is no “one time” for rowing during the summer. As long as appropriate equipment is available and daylight permits, members are welcome to take out a boat and enjoy the experience when it suits them. There is a boat-booking system in place and arrangements are often made with coaches for specific times to go out for extra instruction.

For those who like to row with others, there is always a big group who head out every morning and most afternoons. We go out as early as the light will allow, ‘pushing off’ the dock as early as 5:15am. This allows a second “mid-morning” shift to finish by 9:30am. People are welcome to show up as they wish as long as arrangements are made with the appropriate coach, and boats are available. Many members have their own equipment, and storage racks are available in the boat house for storing private boats.

The WRC is a non-profit organization, run and administered by the membership – consisting of competitive athletes and recreational rowers, from junior age right through to masters. Anyone interested in finding out more is welcome to drop by 20 Lyndale Drive – the big blue building on the riverbank just south of the Norwood Bridge. Calling the club in advance and arranging a meeting with the club manager or a coach is highly recommended.

History of WRC