LTR Frequently Asked Questions

I have never rowed before, is LTR right for me?
Yes, the LTR is designed for absolute beginners.  No prior experience is needed.  If you are interested in taking an adult class in learning how to row, fill out and mail the Learn-to-Row form to the rowing club. We will contact you when we receive your form to confirm your spot in the class and work out details

I have never rowed before, but have done canoe/kayak before, should I take the LTR?
Yes, paddling is very different from rowing as the sequences of motion are completely different.  Having prior experience of being in a water vessel may be a plus, but rowing shells are generally much narrow than a canoe or kayak, and would require additional skills to balance.

I have rowed many many years ago, should I take the LTR?
If it has been many years since you were last in a rowing boat, we encourage you to register for the LTR.  The instructor can help evaluate your skill level and move you to a different program if it would be a better fit.

How do the classes work?
Learn-to-Row sessions have 6 classes and focus on rowing technique and boat handling skills.  Dates and times are listed on the Learn to Row Registration Form.   No previous experience in rowing is required or expected.

Do I need to know how to swim?
Yes, you must be able to swim. Although the chance of falling out of the boat is negligible, in an emergency all athletes must be able to swim until rescued. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are provided to all rowers, and, in LTR situation, a safety boat with emergency supplies is within 500 meters of the boat at all times.

What do I bring?
The best clothing for rowing is something non-binding that is snug and won’t get snagged on the equipment, i.e. no jeans or bulky sweatshirts. You should wear socks, as you will not be wearing your shoes in the boat. You should also bring a water bottle, sunglasses, and make sure your nails are trimmed (your hands are close together and may scratch each other). People with small feet may prefer heavy socks, as the shoes in the boat may be too big.

Is the weather a factor?
Since rowing is an outdoor sport, we will be going out rain or shine. The only situations in which classes are automatically cancelled are when there is lightning or dangerously high winds. Unless you are contacted, please come to the club anyway as the weather may clear up, and there are indoor rowing machines we use when the
weather is bad.

How do I become a member of the rowing club?
For people who are interested in continuing to row after completing the LTR we offer a Recreational program . This teaches people to be a more independent rower, such as how to push off, adjust equipment, bow (steer) the boat, and focuses on improving technique. Once you have gained the skills required, based on the Coach assessment, you will graduate to our one of our Competitive programs.