Volunteer Deposit Policy

This policy specifies how members can earn back their annual volunteer deposit paid by members along with their annual membership. The Winnipeg Rowing Club is a predominantly volunteer organization that relies on the membership base for volunteers. The volunteer deposit is meant to encourage volunteering in key areas at the Rowing Club, outlined below, to maintain more affordable membership fees and reduce the need to have to hire externally at a cost to members.

Pre-approval by a board member should be attained before beginning tasks that are not part of a scheduled event, clean-up or session where there’s been a request for volunteers specifying that the hours count towards the volunteer deposit.  See board contacts on the WRC website.

How to Earn the Deposit Back

Once a full member completes 12 hours of the qualifying volunteer tasks, the member is eligible for reimbursement of their volunteer deposit. Deposits will first be applied to any outstanding balances with the WRC and then will be reimbursed with a credit to your Regatta Central account.

Qualifying Volunteer Tasks

  • Volunteer coach (including, but not limited to: a program coach, LTR, CRC)
  • Bow for Learn to Row or Team Building Event
  • Pre-scheduled Monthly Club Clean-ups
  • Volunteer Lead of the various areas such as House & Grounds, Events, Boat Repair, etc.
  • Assist with Corporate Team Building events or youth camps
  • Volunteer at club fundraising events (CRC regatta, club rented events – as security)
  • Assist Treasurer with year-end financials, tax filings, budget, etc.
  • Dock and ramp repairs
  • Building repairs and renovations; grounds maintenance such as cutting grass
  • Repairing damaged boats and equipment
  • Elected or appointed member of the WRC Board of Directors.
  • Other opportunities at pre-approved by the WRC Board of Directors

Does not Qualify – as without these, we cannot row

  • Putting Docks in and taking docks out; sweeping docks off
  • Basic boat care such as washing and drying down boats
  • Club flood protection
  • Assisting with events hosted by other rowing club

Tracking of Hours

The Club Manager and/or board designate will track the volunteer hours. The board and/or designate will review the hours submitted and advise the members if the hours submitted do not qualify.  Please sign the form outside the Administration office when you have completed a shift and have the coach, board, or staff member overseeing the tasks sign beside your name. If by March 25th  you have not received your deposit and you feel you did your required tasks, please ask at that time. There will be no deposits returned after April 1 st for the prior membership year.

Updated Summer 2018