Volunteer Deposit Policy

This policy specifies how members can earn back their annual volunteer deposit that all full members pay along with their annual membership and program fees. The Winnipeg Rowing Club (WRC) is a predominantly volunteer run organization that relies on the membership base for volunteers. The volunteer deposit is meant to encourage volunteering in some key areas notably working bingos, which generate significant revenues to help maintain more affordable membership fees. Encouraging more volunteer coaching also assists in reducing the WRC’s coaching costs.

Two lists at the bottom of this article show which activities are and are not eligible for earning back the deposit.

How to Earn the Deposit Back

Once a full member has completed one of the qualifying volunteer tasks, the member is eligible to be reimbursed their annual volunteer deposit. Deposits will first be applied to any outstanding balances with the WRC and then will be reimbursed via cheque.
WRC must staff bingos or risk permanently losing a significant source of funding, so if a bingo has not been fully staffed 3 days before it runs, an email will go to all members to offer the shift to earn back an additional 50$. This would be applied to next year’s membership and can not be cashed out.

All other volunteer tasks can not be used to earn back money beyond the deposit.

The volunteer.coordinator@winnipegrowingclub.ca is your contact for volunteer deposit refunds.

List of tasks that qualify for reimbursement

  • volunteer for 2 Bingos (if only one bingo is worked over the course of the year, half the deposit will be reimbursed)
  • Volunteer coach for a Senior, Junior or Masters program 1
  • Coach a LTR or CRC Team 1
  • Bow 6 times for LTR
  • Volunteer for one week of a Youth Camp (morning or afternoon shift)
  • Volunteer 20 hours annually on the House & Grounds Committee 2
  • Volunteer 20 hours annually on the Boats & Equipment Committee 2
  • Chair the CRC Organizing Committee with goal of minimum 8 teams
  • Travel coordinator for junior travel arrangements
  • Volunteer as the Club Manager

List of tasks that DO NOT qualify for reimbursement:

  • Putting in/taking out dock
  • Club clean up days
  • Flood protection
  • Boat loading/unloading for regattas
  • Boat rigging/oar set-up
  • Helping out with open houses, recruitment drives at schools etc.
  • Volunteering on the WRC board

1 Prerequisite that member has taken a LTR instructor/Level 1 coach course or equivalent rowing/coaching experience; approval by WRC Board

2 Must have skills required to assist. Contact house.grounds@winnipegrowingclub.ca or boats.equipment@winnipegrowingclub.ca for more information