Safety Rules

  1. Non-swimmers must wear a life jacket.
  2. No rowing of club shells without prior approval and arrangement with Coach or Club Manager.
  3. A coach boat must supervise novice crews. Novice rowers must attain a proficiency standard before being allowed to row without supervision.
  4. Scullers MUST exercise the buddy system while cold water conditions prevail. (ie. water temperature below 20 degrees Centigrade).
  5. No boats are to launch more than 30 minutes prior to sunrise or be on the water 30 minutes after sunset.
  6. No rowing under dangerous water conditions. This includes weather warnings, lightening, high winds, and thick fog. You should be able to see the other side of the river. If the conditions are questionable, do not row further than the marina stretch.
  7. All crews, including private boat owners, must sign out.
  8. It is the responsibility of all members to be familiar with emergency procedures at the rowing club (see Emergency Procedures).
    (Note: water temperature and sunrise/sunset times are posted at the bottom of the stairs in the boathouse during spring/fall rowing seasons.)

Canada Coast Guard sanctioned Safety Regulations

According to the Government of Canada Small Vessel Regulations (Section 222 (for pleasure craft) and Section 313 (for non-pleasure craft).), a pleasure craft that is a rowing shell must either be:

  1. attended by a safety craft carrying personal floatation device or life-jacket of appropriate size for each member of the crew of the largest vessel being attended; or,
  2. carry:
    • A personal flotation device (PFD) of appropriate size for each member of the crew,
    • A sound signalling device, and
    • If it is operated after sunset and before sunrise, a watertight flashlight.