2018 Annual General Meeting

Present: (See 2018 WRC AGM Attendee list)

The meeting was called to order at 12:11 pm and was chaired by Janine.

Report to the credentials of members present

From the By Laws: “A majority of the Club Members, or at least 30 Club Members present in person or represented by proxy, whichever number is less, shall form a quorum for the transaction of business at a meeting of Club Members.”

A sufficient number of members was found to be present.

Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve agenda; moved by Vic, seconded by Sandi, carried.

Approval of Minutes of 2017 AGM

The minutes are available online at 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Motion to dispense with reading the minutes; moved by Eric, seconded by Pat, carried.

Motion to approve minutes of the 2016 AGM; moved by Eric, seconded by Vic, carried.

Presentation of the Directors’ Reports

The following directors reported:

Ron Basarab (House and Ground) –

Janine Stephens (President) – WRC President’s Report 2018
Correction: Tops and Bottoms was only partly rained out.

Sheila Wilson-Kowall (Treasurer) –
There were questions about how to donate to WRC with a tax receipt; the information is here.
Motion to adopt the financial report; moved by Sheila, seconded by Eric, carried.|
Motion to dispense with the appointment of an auditor for the 2017 fiscal year; moved by Eric,  seconded by Theo, Carried.

Election / Approval for the 2018 Board of Directors

The positions that need to be filled, and the nominated candidates for them, are:

  • President – no candidate
  • Secretary – Sandi Kirby
  • VP – Caroline Kiva

Ed commended Janine on a job well done.

Motion to appointment Sandi as secretary and Caroline as VP; moved by Tina,  seconded by Sheila, carried.

Additional Reports

We need a representative for the Manitoba Rowing Association; the new board will search for one.

Baz reported on building progress.


Motion to adjourn: moved by Sandi, seconded by Baz.