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Peter Nykoluk Rowing Scholarship Recipients Announced

Four athletes from the Winnipeg Rowing Club, Phoenix Nakagawa, Emilie Hoeppner and last year’s recipients, Hanika Nakagawa and Andrej Kao, were selected as c0- recipients of the 2017 Peter Nykoluk Rowing Scholarship. They will share the $15,000 award equally.

The Peter Nykoluk Rowing Scholarship was established in cooperation with the Manitoba Rowing Association (MRA), Winnipeg Rowing Club (WRC), and University of Manitoba Financial Aid and Awards. The Nomination Committee was led by Chairperson Karen Styrchak (first recipient of the scholarship in 1995), with dedicated committee members Jeff Powell and Brandi Smith.

The Peter Nykoluk Rowing Scholarship has been handed out annually since 1995. Each recipient has distinguished themselves with notable accomplishments in and dedication to rowing. They have also met the other essential criteria in terms of educational aspirations, sound personal traits, contributions to the development of the sport, and leadership qualities.

2018 World Erg Challenge

Concept2 is once again holding their annual World Erg Challenge, running from March 15th until April 15th.  This 32-day event is a virtual team challenge, pitting team against team, club against club to see who can log the most meters during the challenge period.  The Winnipeg Rowing Club would like to invite all members to contribute their workout meters to this challenge by joining our team, and logging your workouts on the Concept2 Logbook.  On top of bragging rights, Concept2 has included a few other incentives and rewards to this challenge with individual prizes being awarded to the top 10 men & women, random prize draws for those who have reached at least 100,000m, as well as a grand prize for the club with the highest combined meters erged total, highest average meters erged per person (like an efficiency award), and two random draws.  For more information on the challenge, including a list of prizes being awarded, check out the official World Erg Challenge page on Concept2’s website:

Here’s how to get started:
  1. If you don’t already have one, Sign Up for a new account on Concept2’s Online Logbook Utility:
  2. Join the Winnipeg Rowing Club‘s Team (look for the “Join Team” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page):
  3. Join the World Erg Challenge by going to the team challenge page, and clicking on the “Join Team Challenge” button:
  4. Work out as usual, keeping track of how long and how far you row for each piece, then make sure you enter your workouts for the week, no later than midnight on Friday of that week.