Manitoba Green Lit For Return To Rowing

After receiving approval from the Province of Manitoba,  Sport Manitoba has finalized approval of the Manitoba Rowing Association’s two-phased Return To Rowing Plan.  This approval is immediate, and subject to adherence to the protocols submitted in the plan.  As a result, the Winnipeg Rowing Club has been, and will continue to work to put measures in place to satisfy all Provincial and sport-specific requirements.

Starting Saturday, May 23rd at 8:00am, a group of volunteers will be working to assemble and set up the club’s dock.  Masks are required for this event, as we will have a difficult time keeping social distancing during parts of this effort.  Anyone arriving without a mask will be asked to leave.  If you intend on assisting, please ensure you contact the club manager beforehand, and also please ensure you have taken some time to read through MRA’s Return To Rowing Plan.

There are plans to get a small group on the water in singles (or doubles, for rowers who live in the same residence) for a short row afterwards.  More information will be provided to members via e-mail.  Athletes who simply show up without following proper procedures, will not be allowed on the water, as there are several prerequisite steps that need to be taken beforehand.

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  1. Is grate knows you guys can go to the water again rowing will give you protection from corona virus former rowing coach winnipeg Nestor

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