Racing season 2016 began June 11th in Regina SK with Western Canada Sprints

Led by coaches Ralph Penner and Ed Konarchuk, and orchestrated by official-extraordinaire Sandi Kirby, a small but fierce group of Winnipeg warriors went to the Western Canada Sprints, Saturday June 11th, 2016. Wind and rain could not keep them from competing in this first event of the season.

Congratulations to our many second, third and everyone who crossed the finish line in headwinds and to first time regatta attenders!

Gold medals won by:

Women’s Ltwt 2x: Brandi Smith & Tracy Taylor

Women’s Novice 1x: Rianne Boekhurst

Men’s Masters 1x: Andrew Lamont

Women’s Masters 1x: Brandi Smith

Women’s Masters 2x: Freddie von Aweyden and Sheila Wilson-Kowal

Women’s Masters 4x: Andrea Lefort, Freddie von Aweyden, Vanessa Brown & Sheila Wilson-Kowal

Mixed Masters 4x: Eric Johnstone, Tracy Kowal, Freddie von Aweyden, & Sheila Wilson-Kowal

Junior Men’s 2x: Tyrone Nakagawa & Andrej Kao

This is a great start to a great season! Many thanks to Regina, and to the great WRC coaching staff!