WRC Alumni Hit the Water

Alumni Row 2014

The Winnipeg Rowing Club held its first Alumni Row this past Sunday, September 14th.  The Captain of Crews was Andrew Lamont who assigned crews to boats.  He had 15 alumni out on the water in 3 quads, a double and single in the blink of an eye.   By 8am the sun had risen and it was gorgeous morning with a little mist on the water.   Once on the water many alumni could not resist doing power 10’s, 20’s and even racing starts!  This was pretty amazing since a few people hadn’t touched an oar in over 10 years!  Muscle memory is a marvellous thing.  After the row the boats were returned to the boathouse and the new blisters were counted.  The crews then celebrated with a big breakfast at the Norwood.  What was the question most often heard at breakfast?  ‘When can we do this again?’