WRC to be Named The Riley Boathouse

Winnipeg Rowing Club to be named 
“The Riley Boathouse”

Members, alumni and friends of the WRC are
invited to join us for a special event
more than 112 years in the making!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 5 – 7pm

20 Lyndale Drive
at the  Winnipeg Rowing Club

A Celebration to name “THE RILEY BOATHOUSE”
Light food and refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP to:   clubmgr.wrc@gmail.com

In May of 1892, Conrad S. Riley joined the Winnipeg Rowing Club. C. S. Riley won countless races for WRC at all levels: Club; Winnipeg and Minnesota Rowing Association (which became NWIRA after the First World War) and Canadian and American Championships.  He rowed inWinnipeg Crews at the Royal Henley, in 1904 (bow – second in Grand Final),  and stroked the winning four that won the Steward’s Cup in 1910 and the eight that narrowly lost to eventual champion, Harvard, for the Grand Challenge Cup in 1914.

He served every office at the club, including Captain and President and was instrumental in establishing and financing the Building Company which built the “old” clubhouse at 144 Lyndale Drive.

C.S.’s son Culver was christened in the Paget Cup, a trophy Winnipeghad won in a four that C.S. Riley had stroked at the Winnipeg & Minnesota regatta earlier that year.  Culver’s first row was at two years old, in his father’s lap in a double.  Rowing is in the Riley blood!

Fast forward to today…
J. Derek (Derry) Riley has continued C.S.’s tradition.  For over six decades, Derry rowed for the Winnipeg Rowing Club as a champion – locally, nationally and internationally.  He represented Canada in the double at Helsinki Olympics and was a Masters Champion into his seventies.

Derry was instrumental in the financing and construction of the “new” boathouse at 20 Lyndale drive, leading by his own generosity, influence and energy.

In between C.S. and Derry, many members of the Riley family rowed in WRC’s red, white and blue, served as volunteers, and provided financial support to allow the Club to maintain its Tradition since 1881.

The Riley Trust funded the Winnipeg Rowing Club Building Company Limited in its current role as a foundation for the Club.  Last year we put on a new roof – thanks to the Riley’s.

It is long overdue to pay tribute to the Riley Family, without whom theWinnipeg Rowing Club could not be what it is today.  So, we are proud to name our boathouse “The Riley Boathouse”.

We ask the honour of your presence to recognize the family’s contributions, so we can all personally thank Derry and many other family members who will be joining us.

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  1. Is grate to know Derek Riley all this year how he help to develop rowing In Winnipeg and to give me friendship to help when I defected in the Pan Am Games Thank you Felicidades. Nestor

  2. We will be attending the naming ceremonies on July 30.

    Looking forward to it.

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