Jordan Hannsen to Speak about Rowing Adventure

The Winnipeg Rowing Club is pleased to welcome Jordan Hannsen as a Guest Speaker to our club on Saturday, June 7, 2014.  All members and the public are welcome to attend at the WRC club house, 20 Lyndale Drive.

Winnipeg Rowing Club
The Canadian Wildlife Federation
Jordan Hannsen
Author, Adventurer, & Speaker
June 7, 2014 at 9:30am

 About the presentation:
“On the seventy third day, three thousand miles into their journey and still six hundred miles away from their destination in Miami two rogue waves capsized a twenty nine foot rowboat plunging the four crew of the Canadian Wildlife  Federations Africa to the Americas Expedition into the sea just miles from the Bermuda Triangle… Author Jordan Hanssen will tell the story of what survived and what did not.

Jordan will talk about this story and his beginning in adventure with a Guinness World Record in ocean rowing race across the North Atlantic and the teams change in focus to adventures that combine research, curriculum and learning within an exciting narrative unfolding in real time as seen during the CWF: Africa to the Americas Expedition. He will also talk about his latest adventure happening this his fall: Adventure: Mississippi River. The team will trade salt water for fresh and follow one of the worlds great rivers, the Mississippi, from source to sea and bring home the significance of this natural wonder to Canadian classrooms through its connection with Canadian wildlife and Voyageur history.”