WRC Transitions to Incorporated Entity

In 1881 The Winnipeg Rowing Club was formed as an unincorporated association of its members. That structure served the club well for the past 132 years. However, today it makes good sense to incorporate the Club. On a day-to-day basis, members and program participants will probably not notice any significant differences.

An unincorporated association is comprised of its members, who potentially have personal liability for the Club’s obligations. A non-share (commonly referred to as a not-for-profit) Corporation is a separate legal entity from its membership. Members should not be exposed the organization’s obligations and liabilities.

At the 2013 Annual General Meeting the Unincorporated Club transferred its assets, obligations and operations to the Corporation.  The Constitution of The Winnipeg Rowing Club was replaced by the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws of The Winnipeg Rowing Club Inc.

The current membership become members of the Incorporated Club and the current executive of the Club becomes the Board of Directors of the Incorporated Club, but with governance changes, an election of new Board members for those whose term is expiring occurred.

The Board of Directors of the Winnipeg Rowing Club Inc are:

President: Dorothea Blandford
Secretary: Erin Loewen
Treasurer: Sheila Wilson-Kowal
Vice President: Brandi Smith
Vice President: Satoru Nakagawa

The Winnipeg Rowing Club Inc. is now ready to face the next 132 years.