New Wrenches for WRC at Tops & Bottoms

Mitch - Master 1x winner
Mitch – Master 1x winner

Kenora Rowing Club once again hosted it’s annual Tops & Bottoms Regatta at Rabbit Lake on Saturday, July 17.  Competing against crews from Kenora, Pinawa, Rochester, Duluth and Long Lake Rowing Club’s, Winnipeg rowers fared well and picked up many new shiny wrenches.

WRC placed first in the following events:
Junior Men’s 1x: Paul Thiessen
Novice Women’s 1x: Maddi Pickerl
Masters Womens 1x: Tracy Taylor
Masters Men’s 1x (under 35): Mitch Kasprick
Novice Women’s 2x: Lisa Kannwischer , Mallory Shack
Masters Women’s 2x: Tracy Taylor, Brandi Smith
Junior Men’s 2-: Paul Thiessen, Loch Inglis
Masters Women’s 4x: Tracy Taylor, Brandi Smith, Kelly Malcolmson, Crystal Evans
Master Men’s 4x: Robert Dansereau, Satoru Nakagawa, Mitch Kasprick, Vic Bartel
Mixed Masters 4x: Christine Wren, Satoru Nakagawa, Vic Bartel, Erin Lowen
Mixed 4x (exhibition): Kelly Malcolmson, Paul Thiessen, Loch Inglish, Brandi Smith