WRC Races Strong at First Regatta of Season

The Winnipeg Rowing Club traveled to Regina for the first regatta of the season, and had a strong showing in several races. The 36th annual Western Canada Sprints took place on Wascana Lake on Saturday June 8, and the following WRC crew captured the gold medal:

Master Mixed 4x – Brandi Smith, Mitch Kasprick, Dave Cooke, Vanessa Brown

Five other Winnipeg boats crossed the finish line first in their respective Masters races, but due to age adjustments in masters’ rowing (rowers are given a time advantage based on age), they did not receive the first place win.

Women’s 4x –  Brandi Smith, Christine Wren,  Freddie Von Aweyden, Vanessa Brown
Women’s 2x  – Freddie Von Aweyden, Vanessa Brown
Men’s 4x – Ryan Desilets, Rob Dansereau, Mitch Kasprick, Eric Johnstone
Men’s 2x –  Ryan Desilets, Rob Dansereau
Mixed 2x – Christine Wren, Mitch Kasprick