Coach Boat Rowing in Effect

As the weather has cooled, water temperature has now dropped to below 10 degrees on the Red River.  Coach boat rowing is now in effect.   From WRC’s Cold Water Safety grid we are in Zone 3.   The following should be observed:

“Rowing shells of 2 or more people are allowed to row loops within one 1km radius of the WRC dock with a safety boat on the water. Each rowing shell requires a PFD per person in the shell, plus a whistle, attached to each PFD. In the event a rowing shell becomes a danger on the water (i.e., flips, or some other dangerous situation), the rowers should make every effort to blow their whistle to get the attention of the coach boat. The coach boat sounds their horn which indicates a danger situation. All other rowing shells must immediately return to the dock and await coach instruction before proceeding back on the water. The coach would then deal with the shell in danger, ensuring all participants are safe before resuming rowing.”

The current policy does not allow for 1x’s to be on the water anymore, with the following approved exemption:
“At the discretion of the Provincial High Performance coach, consenting adult high performance athletes training for the National Rowing Championships to be held in November 2012, will be permitted to continue training in singles in Zone 3, (as identified in WRCs current safety policy), and will be exempted from this part of the policy (shell type) for 2012.  These athletes must acknowledge the additional risk and agree to maintain visual contact with the safety boat at all times while training on the water.”