Winnipeg Wins in Oklahoma City

Silver medalists Women’s 4x – Vanessa Brown, Crystal Evans, Brandi Smith, Sheila Wilson

Winnipeg rowers picked up mutiple medals this weekend in Oklahoma City.  The four day Oklahoma Regatta Festival was a celebration of rowing, kayaking, dragon boating, and stand up paddle boarding. The rowing events featured both tradionals 4 KM head races, as well as 500 meter night sprints.

Winnipeg Rowing Club results included:
Master Women’s 2x – Sheila Wilson & Vanessa Brown (night sprints)
Open Women’s 1x – Marianne Bergmann
Women’s Open 2x – Marianne Bergmann, Kaitlin Rempel
Women’s Lwt 2x – Nia Perron, Rebecca Ward
Mixed Master’s 4x – Jeff Reitberger with composite crew
Women’s Collegiate 1x – Marianne Bergmann
Women’s 4x – Sheila Wilson, Vanessa Brown, Crystal Evans, Brandi Smith
Men’s Youth 4x – Connor Vogt, Max Harley, Ben Dearing, Josh Ilse
Men’s Open 2x – Paul Thiessen, Loch Inglis
Women’s Youth 1x – Meghan Linton
Women’s Lwt 2x – Crystal Evans, Brandi Smith