Buddy Rowing in Effect

Effective September 23, 2011, Buddy Rowing is in effect at WRC

Buddy rowing means that all boats must be within sight of another boat at all times.  Experienced rowers may go out with a buddy.  Remebmer a buddy is another rowing boat, not another person in your boat!  Please check with your coach or the Coaching Director before heading out without their supervision.

We are monitoring temperature and water conditions and will send updates on cold water rowing restrictions as conditions warrant.  Cold Water rowing means that all boats must be in sight of the coach boat at all times and athletes must wear long sleeves/pants.

Common sense is the best guide. The relevant factors to be considered include: wind speed; temperature; flow rate; water temperature; light conditions; experience and skill level of the coach, coxswains and crew; types of boats in use; boat traffic, etc.  What is correct for one crew may be dangerous for another.

Please refer to the 2011/12 Membership Handbook for the Club’s safety rules.