Cross Country Skiing Underway

With the deluge of snow and the drop in temperatures, winter is really here! The WRC’s cross-country ski program has got off to a quick start and we’d like to let you know what we’re offering:

The WRC has negotiated a discounted season pass to Windsor Park Nordic Centre. If you’re interested in a ski pass, please go to and sign up for the appropriate ski group. A ski pass is normally $65.00, but is now available for purchase for $45 for WRC members and $55 for non-member friends of the WRC. This applies to non-Junior members, as ski passes for Junior members is included in their winter training fees.

While the ski pass grants you access to Windsor Park at anytime during the season, the following group skis will be supported by the WRC and Coach Ralph Penner:

Adults: Tuesday from 4pm to 6 pm; Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 pm to 8 pm
Juniors: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm.

**We welcome skiers of all ages and abilities. The group skis are intended to be complementary to your program erg/weight workouts. Please also remember that we are currently in our winter programming break. Organized skiing will resume on Tuesday, January 4.**

If you are looking for additional opportunities to ski with a group, along with additional coaching and for those interested, the opportunity to race, consider joining the Scullers Ski Team. Scullers is operated by Marcus Barmeier and is an independent ski team with a view to encouraging rowers into the world of xc-skiing. Ski team memberships are $9/individual or $17/family (in addition to your ski pass to access Windsor Park). For more information on Marcus’ program, you can contact Marcus directly at or (204) 232-9742.

To avoid any confusion, Scullers Ski Team is not a WRC program but the WRC is supportive of Marcus’ endeavors and encourages our members who are looking for more than what the WRC can offer to seek out Marcus.

Any questions regarding WRC skiing can be sent to Brent Figg, WRC Head Coach ( or your respective coaches/athlete reps. Any questions regarding Scullers Ski Team can be directed to Marcus Barmeier.