WRC Annual Awards Evening

WRC’s AGM and Awards Dinner was held Saturday, November 13 at the Winnipeg Winter Club.  The Board of Directors was confirmed at the Annual General Meeting, followed by a dinner and athletes award presentation. 

Junior Athletes of the Year
 Loch Inglis & Rebecca Ward

Senior Athlete of Year
Paul Thiesen

Masters Athlete of Year
Andrew Lamont, Tom Pundyk, Jeff Reitberger, Vic Bartel

Rec/Novice Athlete of Year
Kathy Mestrey & Megan Jack

2011 Board of Directors
President – Eric Johnstone
Secretary – Dorothea Blandford
Treasurer – Vanessa Brown
VP Programs – Heather Skelton
VP Boats – Dave Cooke
VP House & Ground – vacant
VP Events – Ryan Desilets
VP Fundraising -vacant
T2T Athlete Rep – Sheila Wilson
L2T Athelte Rep – Allison Fenske

Thank you to departing Board members Maureen McLeod and Vic Bartel for your contributions!