WRC at Head of the Oklahoma

Marianne Bergmann, photo by M. Zwaagstra

 A small but strong group of WRC rowers headed to Oklahoma City last weekend to race in the Head of the Oklahoma Regatta.  WRC brought back some hardware with a Gold, Silver and two Bronze medals.

Open Women’s Single:  Marianne Bergmann 3rd
Collegiate Women’s Single : Marianne Bergmann 2nd, Nia Perron 7th
Open Men’s Single: Paul Theissen 9th, Mark Zwaagstra 10th
Collegiate Men’s Single: Paul Theissen 5th, Loch Inglis 6th
Open Men’s Double: Paul Thiessen & Dave Cooke 6th, Loch Inglis & Mark Zwaagstra 8th
Open Men’s Quad: Paul Thiessen, Loch Inglis, Mark Zwaagstra, Dave Cooke 3rd
Masters Men’s Double: Jeff Reitberger & Vic Bartel 5th
Mixed Masters Quad: Jeff Reitberger, Dave Cooke, Dione Sturd from Tulsa Rowing Club, Caroline Nyalala from Oklahoma City Riversport 1st
Womens Junior Single: Rebecca Ward 12th place, Daphne Super 14th
Junior Womens Quad: Rebecca Ward, Daphne Ward, Meghan Linton 10th
Womens Youth Doubles: Nia Perron & Rebecca Ward 5th place, Daphne Super & Megan Linton 16th