Emily Cameron Attends National Training Camp

Emily Cameron, photo by Fred Loek

WRC rower Emily Cameron is headed for warmer weather and open water in Florida to take part in Rowing Canada’s spring training camp.  Cameron was invited to join the women’s training camp based on her performance at the 2009 National Rowing Championships and her erg scores.  The camp, running for two weeks from January 9 – 23 in Deland, Florida, is headed by Al Morrow, interim women’s heavyweight head coach. 

“I’m pretty excited, it’s a really good opportunity for me to get on the water, train hard in a competitive environment, and hopefully 
learn a lot. I’m hoping that it will help me to figure out where I am headed with my rowing,” says Cameron.  

WRC alumna Janine Hanson, who now lives and trains in London, ON, is also attending the camp.  All the best Emily & Janine!